"we are constantly amazed by what students achieve.their skills belie their ages."

pARENT 2018




our classes

Groups are divided into classes according to age and or experience and ability. Classes take the form of interactive workshops, where all students play an important part in the outcome of each session.



Our NEW foundation class for 5 to 7-year-olds is a wonderful introduction to Drama and Acting for younger children.



Our class for 8 to 13-year-olds invites students to take active roles in the creation of their performances both in class and onstage.



Our class for 14 to 18-year-olds offers young actors and theatre-makers the chance to work in a challenging and exciting environment.


our year

autumn term - creating the performer

September to December  

Our year starts in September and the first few weeks are spent creating strong and positive group dynamics.  Students learn the value of teamwork and a foundation of trust is built. Time is spent this term on discovering and developing each person’s individual strengths and imagination.  Everyone has a voice and technique is taught to develop, strengthen and express those voices.  Physical theatre and movement are interwoven through our teaching and emphasis is placed on finding fluidity in movement and breaking down inhibitions.  Acting exercises explore the young actors ability to listen, react and produce truthful performances on stage.

The term ends with a sharing of class work in an open workshop where parents and friends are invited into our workshop spaces and witness the students in action.

Spring term - creating the performance

January to March

The focus this term is on performance. Characters are created, parts are allocated, lines learnt and rehearsals begin. The Windsor and King groups work on their own performance pieces, which are interwoven together in one full-scale production in March.

Students gain a deeper understanding of the importance of commitment, teamwork and focus.

Extra scheduled rehearsals take place in preparation for the production week and the term culminates in a production, which the whole company takes ownership of and pride in.

summer term - creating with shakespeare

April to May

This shorter five-week term is focused on inspiring and exciting the students in the work of Shakespeare.  They will learn how to bring the words to life in fun and interesting ways.  Voice, character, movement and ensemble will all be used to great effect.

Culminating in our “Summer Shakespeare Day” at the end of May, our work this term will be inspired by the play, “Twelfth Night”.

Students will work together to create their own short adaptations of the play, which they will share on our theatre stage.  


dates, times & fees

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