productions & events


Whilst a great emphasis is placed on the creative process of drama through our weekly workshops, we believe in providing students with as many opportunities as possible to share and perform their work.

We are passionate about creating performances that excite and challenge our young actors, explore the themes and concerns of their lives and showcase their strengths and talents.

This year we have a packed and exciting line-up of performance and production opportunities for all our students.


house of shadows - tolethorpe hall

A devised, immersive piece of theatre which will see performers guide the audience through Tolethorpe Hall on a ghostly, fearful tale of an old house, which holds with it many secrets.

This production will be the culmination of our October half term workshop and will be a ticketed event. Ticket booking for House of Shadows to open soon.

To take part in our fantastic week, when we’ll also be joined by a professional actor Paul Cleveland - please take a look at the details.


from the novels by Zizou Corder adapted by Marcelo Santos

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd February 2020

Uppingham Theatre

Charlie Ashanti lives in the future where phones are powered by the sun, cars are banned and companies are more powerful than countries. Charlie is a perfectly normal boy, except for one thing, he can speak to cats. When his parents are kidnapped he sets off on a rescue mission - with a little help from a floating circus and its pride of lions.

This production will mark the main school production this year and all Windsor and King students are encouraged to take part.

By arrangement with Nick Hern Books



lord of the flies

by William Golding adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams

July 2020 will see TYD Theatre Makers bring to life this classic and powerful story of a group of school children’s abandonment on a desert island, which gradually leads to a descent into a savage fight for survival.

Lord of the Flies is a play with huge relevance to today’s audience.

It provides us with the perfect opportunity to use our unique open-air theatre stage to full advantage and together make a stimulating and electrifying experience for our audience.

Lord of the Flies will be produced as part of the Stamford Shakespeare Company’s season of productions for 2020.

To learn more about the Theatre Makers programme or register for an audition click here 


Slade Performances

Slade classes will also take to the stage in their summer showcases in May. This will be a chance for our younger students to perform in front of an audience and share work they have learnt throughout the year.