frequently asked questions

Q.  DO you have to have experience of acting or performing?

A.   The very fact you are looking at our site tells us you have the 'qualifications' we need!  We have never, and will never, insist on previous experience - just a love for, and an interest in, learning more about the performing arts.  At TYD our students are united through a shared love of theatre, the power of stories and how they are told - not previous experience.


q.  do you offer a trial or taster class?

A.  Yes.  If a student is unsure whether TYD is for them, we will offer a trial class.  This is limited to one week only and we ask you pay the equivalent weekly fee for the trial class.† If your child/ren wish to continue we will discount this from the remaining term's fees which can be paid in full or in two instalments, as outlined above. Please note, at certain times of the year taster classes are not available, but we are always happy to discuss this further.  Just drop us a line.

 † Equivalent weekly fees are £7.00 for Slade 1; £9.00 for Slade 2; £15.00 for Windsor & King classes.

Q. what if a class is over-subscribed?

A.  We do have a waiting list if classes become full as we have to be mindful of the health & safety of our students and comply with regulations.  However, we will always do our best to accommodate anyone who wishes to join us.


q.  my child has a lot of experience for their age.  how can I be sure they will be challenged?

A.  Our main aim at TYD is to ensure that each student is treated as an individual and works to the best of their ability.  Inevitably, we do have to start somewhere when forming classes and therefore we do this by age.  However, if the dynamics of a class don't work and we find some students are under-stretched or others are a little daunted, we will always discuss how we can help overcome this and allow the student to get the very best experience from their time with us.


Q.  what if my child is worried they are too inexperienced for their age group?

A.  We do find that students are of a very high standard at TYD and often - for their ages - they exceed expectations. This can be quite daunting to newcomers to come into such a high-achieving environment and we do understand these concerns. Our teachers are highly skilled at developing talent at a pace which feels comfortable to all and to allow a student to naturally find their feet. We therefore do encourage students to give their age group a try. If after a few lessons things don’t work out we can always explore moving students into a lower age group until their confidence has grown.


Q.  we may find it hard to pay the fees in onE go.  will this prevent my child from joining?

A.  At TYD we've always prided ourselves on offering the very best training at an affordable rate.  We do, however, understand that it can sometimes be a struggle to pay a whole term's fees all at once.  We offer a chance to pay in half-termly installments and you can opt for this at the time of completing your booking form. Please, however, do talk to us if you have any worries or concerns over the payment of fees as further instalment payment options may be made available on request.


Q. Is there a uniform?

A.  We do not have a set uniform but do ask that students come to class every week dressed ready to move. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and flat, light shoes, suitable for movement must be worn in class. We do have TYD-branded t-shirts and hoodies available to buy at an affordable price but this is primarily for classwork. For productions we ask for students to have a basic black uniform and this must be plain black with no logos (so the TYD t-shirts are not suitable).


Q.  Do you put students forward for auditions? 

TYD is not a talent agency and, as such, does not put students forward for auditions.  We would, however, notify students should opportunities come up that we feel they would be suitable for or could benefit from.  Opportunities can arise for students to audition for the Stamford Shakespeare Company summer season of productions and this always works alongside their full commitment to TYD.


Q. Do you Teach Singing or Dancing?

The workshops at TYD are focused on drama, acting and theatre-making.  Whilst we do not specifically train students in the disciplines of singing and dancing; movement, physical theatre, dance, voice work, music and singing are all used to develop the young actor's craft.  Should a student show an aptitude for dance or song, we would encourage the use of these talents within performances.  We also schedule specialist workshops in all areas of the performing arts, including singing and dancing. 

Q.  Do you Offer LAMDA lessons?

We offer LAMDA as a secondary class to TYD. Unfortunately, all our LAMDA slots are full for 2019/20.

q. How can i be sure my child is safe?

We make the safety and welfare of our students a top priority. We have a comprehensive safeguarding child protection policy which you can read here. Should you have any specific concerns or wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. not answered your question here?

Then please contact us.